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Digital marketing is not the art of product selling, it is the art of influencing customers to purchase your services or products always.

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I am a leading freelance digital marketing strategist in Calicut, kerala, providing worldwide services. I can help entrepreneurs, start-up companies, and brands to expand their enterprises profitably and productively in the digital world.

Suppose your business needs to get the attention it deserves; I can help your company increase traffic and leads by leveraging online promoting techniques like SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Website Design, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and More…

As a digital marketing strategist, I am responsible for creating, implementing, and managing the entire digital marketing strategy of your business from scratch and assisting you in reaching more customers with an influential targeted audience. 

Every business requires an online marketing strategist to solve its online issues and accomplish its company goals. I guarantee to use all of my resources as a digital marketing strategist to assist you in expanding your business to its most significant potential.

Your Freelance digital marketing strategist in Calicut, Kerala

My Services as a Freelance Digital Marketing Strategist in Calicut

I’m an experienced digital marketer who can provide services like SEO, SEM, SMM, website design, content marketing, and email marketing to help you reach your business to targeted audiances.

Search engine optimization services for your business growth


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a collection of tactics targeted at improving the visibility and ranking of web pages in natural search results. SEO solely targets unpaid traffic. I can assist you with website optimization and achieving every brand’s long-term organic technique.

Content marketing strategies to get more traffic

Content marketing

Content marketing is the process of creating, distributing, and publishing relevant, clear, and valuable content to attract a particular audience. You can engage in and keep your audience through content marketing. In addition to engaging your audience, my content copies also assist you in making sales from them.

Website design services for every business in Kerala

website design

A website acts as a virtual representation of a business. In the digital age, developing and building a website is a vital component of any business. I can design professional, creative, and unique WordPress websites for your company based on your demands.

Search engine marketing services

SEM (Google Ads)

SEM is a type of sponsored advertising that appears in search results. Search Engine Marketing promotes a business through paid listings on search engine result pages like Google or Bing (SERP). Using this service, you can increase the number of visitors to your website. I can assist you in reaching your targeted audience.

Social media marketing services to get more sales or leads

Social Media

SMM is a popular medium for building a large audience. The use of social media marketing will help your business by boosting website traffic. It’ll assist you in putting this technique into practice on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media sites.

    Email marketing services

    Email marketing

    It is the act of sending commercial emails to a list of people. Email Marketing is regarded as one of the simplest ways to reach many people efficiently. It can be used to advertise, promote sales, and spread awareness. I’ll guide you in using this strategy to develop everlasting and successful relationships with your customers.

      Why Should You Choose Me as Your Digital Marketing Strategist In Calicut?

      The first stage in implementing an excellent digital marketing strategy with an experienced digital marketing strategist in Calicut is to carry out and evaluate various actions, understand how each marketing tactic fits into your overall strategy, and create realistic scenario maps. I will be able to guide you with that.

      Focus on running your business

      Focus on running your business

      Just let me know your objectives and requirements in a 1:1 digital marketing consultation with me in person or online and when you plan to achieve them. I am capable of managing every aspect of your online marketing. It frees you up to manage your business more effectively because we will discuss the all platforms you need to reach your audience and convert them into your customers

      Get new Ideas

      Get new Ideas

      Understanding that not everything in digital marketing will work for you is critical. While some may deliver unsatisfactory outcomes, others may be highly beneficial. I’ll give you some fantastic suggestions for methods that work. And I’ll offer a fresh perspective on some of the work your team has previously done. They’ll evaluate your marketing initiatives and develop new concepts based on the consumers’ point of view.

      Cut down the overall costs

      Cut down the overall costs

      Payroll taxes are unnecessary because I work independently. In addition, you can save money on salary, benefits, and other ongoing expenses associated with hiring full-time workers. Some tools you need to execute the campaigns may require a substantial one-time fee or regular charges. You won’t have to spend any money purchasing one because I already have the necessary digital marketing tools.

      Measurable Result

      Measurable Result

      It might be challenging to determine the true ROI due to the wide variety of marketing strategies used in digital marketing. However, I can assist you in identifying the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). These metrics help determine how effectively your marketing strategies meet your goals. Additionally, I can clearly understand how your keywords are doing and how potential customers are interacting with your brand and content.

      How I Plan to Leverage Your Business to the Next Level

      My digital marketing strategy to grow your business

      If you follow best practices for brand strategy, or leveraging sales with digital marketing is not difficult.

      Companies can do this by providing a high-quality services that will increase conversions while meeting the public’s expectations.

      You must be doing this correctly and through the proper channels. If not, it won’t work.

      An optimal environment for increased sales can be created with the help of optimized websites, online advertising, and precise communication & goals.

      Nowadays, online reviews are a crucial tool for consumers. According to a poll, 56% of people check at least four reviews before making a purchase.

      Because of this, I will make these reviews better and give them more prominence. As a result, other people will be assured and sure to buy.

      You must invest in communication through several channels to increase sales using digital marketing. Your business will be able to reach a wider audience and increase conversions with the aid of paid media.

      Organic traffic is always beneficial, and content marketing can help you achieve it. 

      Additionally, sponsored advertising will present precise ads to your customer at the appropriate times and locations.

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      Hassainar Alanjery

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What exactly are my tasks as a Freelance digital marketing strategist in Calicut?

      The comprehensive planning, development, implementation, and management of the overall digital marketing strategy, and more. These are the responsibility of a digital marketing strategist. I also lead, manage, and train the team’s digital marketers and other marketing roles. 

      What are the basics of digital marketing?

      Digital marketing is the practice of marketing to customers through numerous digital media. Websites, mobile devices, and social media are common platforms for this sort of marketing. Internet marketing, which exclusively occurs on websites, differs from this marketing.

      Why digital marketing?

      Real-time communication with your customers is possible due to digital marketing. More significantly, it enables them to interact with you. Consider your social media plan. It’s great when your target audience reads your most current material, but it’s even better when they make comments or share it. And we can track or measure everything her 😀

      Is digital marketing easy?

      Most industry experts agree that it is not difficult to master the fundamentals of digital marketing. But developing and using those abilities well in digital marketing can take time and effort.

        What are the main pillars of digital marketing?

        Data, technology, and people are digital marketers’ main support structures. Just contact me to know more.

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