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I stay updated on the latest industry news and developments to ensure that my clients are always ahead of the curve. I’m passionate about sharing my expertise in a way that empowers you to confidently take your business to the next level of digital growth.

Hi there

My name is Hassainar Alanjery, a digital marketing consultant in Kerala with a wealth of experience and skills in digital marketing. 

I have been helping companies of all sizes to implement strategic and cost-effective marketing programs since 2015, which organically attract, educate and gain the trust of their ideal customers. With my experience and expertise, I can help businesses achieve their desired results within their budget.

More than 6 years of experience means I have seen the best and worst the Industry has to offer.

My goal is to create connections between people or audiences, strategy, marketing funnel, ideas, and content for business growth. By establishing these connections, businesses can achieve their goals more effectively.

My obsession is to revolutionize the marketing function with marketing intelligence and to raise strategies by merging ‘content’ with creativity.

I provide full-service end-to-end solutions designed based on business objectives by prioritizing client satisfaction and focusing on quality.

Your Digital Marketing Consultant in Kerala, India

A Collective Quality Services You Can Expect from a Digital Marketing Consultant in Kerala

Are you having difficulties in getting brand exposure? Need to expand marketing plans to increase qualified leads? As a digital marketing consultant, I specialise in helping entrepreneurs or start-ups grow their businesses. I offer a wide range of services to help my clients achieve their desired results. Below is a list of some of the things I can do for you:

Digital strategy

It combines understanding your business needs, customers, and objectives and then pairing them with digital strategic solutions to generate measurable business growth.


Paid advertising is an effective means of generating targeted leads for your website. And I track, measure, and analyze accurate data to determine the direct ROI of your paid advertising investment.

Maximum exposure

Advertisement is an effective way of conveying your digital marketing messages to the right people at the right time. Using various ad platforms, I ensure the maximum exposure for your page to widen the market, increase sales, introduce products, and educate consumers.

SEO Services

360- degree SEO services, including SEO strategy, SEO audit, Keyword research, website analysis, and on-site and on-page optimisation to make your website become found in search results.

Content marketing

High-quality content and copywriting are the foundation of an online presence. Without it, no amount of SEO or PPC advertising will work. I support you in planning and executing content that sticks.

Digital mentoring

I don’t hide my marketing secrets favorite part of this job is sharing my expertise with clients and helping them find solutions that better align with their business objectives. With an educational aspect, I run a comprehensive training program via online sessions.

Website design

Need more exposure to your website? Whether you need a brand new website or have your website properly maintained, I have you covered for design, development and maintenance.

    Social media

    Social media has become an unavoidable part of online presence and digital marketing. It would be best if you had the right combination of strategy, timing, and content to make your page more engaging.


      Get high-quality videos that tell your business story, advertise your services or courses, and promote your products – all within seconds. With our engaging video content, you can reach your target audience and communicate your message quickly and effectively.

        My Career Journey as a Digital Marketing Consultant

        Doing a job that you love, and it’s ok to work from anywhere you like at the time you wish to do, sounds too good, doesn’t it?. But like every other job, a freelance digital marketer also went through different challenges to succeed.

        Being a digital marketer for more than 6 years, I used to experience the pros and cons of this field. In the beginning, getting regular work, tight deadlines, lack of employment benefits, planning my finances, and keeping my productivity high was hard. The crucial thing is to filter out fake clients. But the time I took to learn, practice, and improve my skills resulted in successful growth in my career. 

        Digital marketing is not a field that results immediately, but you’ll be successful one day. Just look at my career growth from 2015 to 2022.


        In 2015, I started as a freelance digital marketer who manages personal blogs and works on SEO projects. Interaction and connection with readers via social media help me to engage my blogs reader-friendly and to showcase my best. I helped several businesses to track down solutions for their social media and seo problems. Day-by-day experiences with new clients made me an expert in online tools and technology to manage social media results that meet clients’ needs.


        After 2 years of constant hard work, I became a social media manager in 2018. Again working on social media helped me to build an active community online (1 Lakh+ Followers). By exploring every social media platform, find interest in Facebook marketing that ensures quick organic results from Facebook pages. Not only Facebook but also linkedin(Even i lost 2 accounts while exploring), Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are used to market products and services.


        Even though years passed, my dedication and learning also continued. In 2020 I entered the next level of my career and took the responsibility of a Digital Marketing Analyst. I have to understand and inform digital marketing programs and technologies, develop, audit and test campaigns to optimise KPIs, recreate multiple complex data into understanding, and communicate insight across different stages of an organisation. Every single work made to master the digital platforms include social media, paid search engines, content management system, and email marketing & automation.


        Practice and experience made me more confident to become a Digital Marketing Consultant in Kerala who identifies the most effective strategies for marketing or advertising companies’ products or services using various digital technologies—developing customised marketing strategies, suggesting improvements to the existing strategy, and finding opportunities to develop customer engagement. Still, I’m in search… by the realisation that digital marketing is a competitive field constantly advancing; it’s a never-ending study. The result will be the best when you do your best.

        My Consulting Philosophy

        Realizing people are at the heart of technology, it’s all about people that imagine, invent and interact with it. 

        I strive to analyze and understand business objectives and fully engage in problem-solving. 

        I have been the digital explorer moving between agencies and clients to fetch a distinctive mixture of knowledge from branding to market insights, sales, e-commerce, business development, and startups.

        Hassainar Alanjery

        Hassainar Alanjery - Your Digital Marketing Consultant


        Marketing is not about arriving at the targeted ROI. It’s about defendable growth.


        Digital analytics is the craft of uncovering the exact elementary formula.


        KPI is not only meant to be achievable but also to be sustainable always and eveytime.

        Digital Team

        Novelty and technology are the right cultures to create or build a digital team.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What does a digital marketing consultant do?

        A digital marketing consultant is responsible for helping businesses create promotional and advertising campaigns for digital platforms. It includes using various analytical tools to measure the success of each campaign and making necessary changes or suggestions based on the results.

        We hired a digital marketing consultant before, but we didn't get the best ROI as expected. What do you do differently?

        As a digital marketing consultant, I don’t sell my services here; I go deep into your business and work like it’s my business, and I want this business to grow and get more ROI as I wanted. I will point out all the do’s and don’ts here and dig deep into your business to measure all the areas to generate more leads or sales. And I am transparent, so you can always expect genuine suggestions or strategies.

        Why should I hire you as our digital marketing consultant?

        As a digital marketing consultant in kerala, my goal is to save your money. Nothing less than ROI, so you can expect all the (unrevealed strategy and tips) services as a bonus.

        Do you have digital marketing team?

        Yes, we have. We are a group of marketing community called “Quality Ads

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        Hassainar Alanjery

        If you are not spending money on digital marketing, then you are wasting money – Hassainar Alanjery

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        • Digital Marketing Package
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        My Courses

        • Digital Marketing Course
        • SEO & Google Ads Course
        • Social Media Marketing Course

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